Monday, January 09, 2006

9-14-05 After Katrina

Wow........That was some kinda wind. At this point I won't go into any detail about the overall damage left by Hurricane Katrina. Only what relates to this paddle.
I did get a "gift" from Katrina , in that a gentleman was throwing debris into a pile, and in that pile was a slightly damaged Old Town sit on top Kayak. When asked if he was throwing it away he responded, " if it's in the pile it's trash."
So......... it became mine. The underside is slightly dented. but it paddles real good.

I put it in the Bay in Fairhope at the Orange Street Pier. I then headed north towards the Fairhope City Pier.

I could see that it was severely damaged from the shore, but I wanted to see it from the water. It was sad how much damage it sustained.

The sheer power and the amount of water that came into the Mobile bay was quite scary. So much destroyed.....but it will be built back....and it will be better than before.
till next time.


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