Sunday, June 10, 2007

6-9-07 - I'm Back !!!

I got up this morning and knew that enough time had gone by for my wrist to heal so I decided to try it again. I did go out into the bay in November but my wrist was still too weak so I just thought that i would wait till spring....That was a good call. Anyway..I made my way down to Blind Dog Mikes house and loaded up in the little green Loon and headed out down Bailey's Creek.

It was a hot muggy morning and as I approaced the mouth of the creek the wind was blowing about 5 knots from the NW. It was a little choppy....but I had made up my mind that I had been out of the water for way too I started paddling out against the chop.

I have to tell you that it was wonderful to feel the waves hitting the bow of my little boat.. to feel the water under my butt again was absolutly incredible. I didn't realize just how badly I had missed it until I was back out into the bay.

So, I went out about 1/2 mile from Baley's Creek and then turned north towards The Grand Hotel. I didn't want to overdo it the first time out so I just went to Zundels which was about a mile north and then I headed back to Bailey's Creek.

As i entered the calm waters of the creek I knew that I had come back home to my love of paddling. My wrist was strong and It felt good to know that I can begin again my adventures along the Mobile Bay... I'm glad you came along with me.... I will be looking forward to you coming along on the next adventure.

See you then.......


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