Monday, January 23, 2006

1-20-06 The Big "Splash"

Sorry, but I have no pics for this blog so, you'll just have to use your imagination this time.

The most important thing that I learned today is that the time between feeling like your kayak is a little unstable and that you might get wet........and the moment you hit the a very small space of time ! ! ! ........but then, I have gotten ahead of let's start at the beginning.

I had to drop by Mike's to take care of some "music" business. It was kind of a dreary, overcast, day. It looked like rain , but it was a little warm so I decided to take the "Old Loon" out on the Bay. I made my way down Bailey's Creek and out into the Mobile Bay. It looked like there was a little wind so there was a little chop. I decided that since I haven't been out in a few weeks that I would make a short trip. I headed due west to get to the artificial reef about one mile out. About 1/4 mile from shore the wind picked up considerably. It was about 20 MPH from the east. This kicked up the waves and man was it ever fun. Wind to my back, waves tall enough to do a little kayak surfing. It was great ! And before no time at all I was at the reef and let out a loud "yeeeee-haaaa".

As I came to a stop at the reef I realized that , although the wind was fun going out, now I had to go against the wind and the waves to get back. It looked like a storm was coming in and the wind had picked up a bit. So I turned around back towards the east and began the long trek back to shore. I believe that that was the longest mile I have ever paddled. Between the wind and the waves I thought I would never get back.......but I finally made it back to Bailey's Creek. I was beat. Man , what a workout. My insides were shaking. I slowly paddled towards Mike's house down the creek and after Arriving , I nosed the kayak into the bank.

After the kayak came to a stop I started to get out........(this is where it gets interesting). I was still a little shaky as my backside was rising out of the boat. I remember a split second thought that "the boat feels a bit unstable" when Splash ! ! I was nose first in the creek. . . and It was cold ! I came out of that water sooooooo fast, climbed on the bank, sat down and just laughed until my stomach hurt. I'm sure that it was a sight to behold. man, I was soaked ! !

Anyway, I got dry....I got warm.....and it was another great adventure ! Too bad no one had a video camera going. We could have made some money on this one from "funniest Home Videos". LOL

Stay dry. I'm glad you could come along for the trip.
till next time.


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