Wednesday, July 18, 2007

7-14-07 Dorothy's First time Kayaking

Hey everyone,
Today was a cool adventure in that my high school girlfriend, Dorothy, was in from Texas for a visit to Fairhope. She said that after reading the blogs that she wanted to go paddling on the Mobile Bay more than anything. She had never been in a Kayak before , but we all had to have a first time so we loaded up in the boats down at blind Dog Mikes and headed out Bailey's Creek.

The water in the bay was very smooth. I was glad of that since it was her first time out. We paddled out about 3/4 of a mile and the just had a lazy paddle north in the direction of the Grand Hotel at Great Point Clear. We never tried to reach a destination...just floated and paddled around so she could experience the bay...

We had been out about an hour when I suddenly heard that old familiar burst of air coming from my port side. I turned and saw a huge dolphin sufacing and then he came up again and blew a second time. I told Dorothy the direction to look but we never saw him again.... about 10 minutes later Dorothy heard one blow, but didn't see him... so after about another half hour of paddling around we headed back in... on the way back to the creek we found ourselves in the middle of a run of Manhadens and Mullets. Dorothy really loved having the mullets jump all around her.

When we arrived Mike said that there were a lot of Dolphins in the bay and that there was two adults and a baby near where we were. He had been out fishing for mullets and he saw them. That must have been one of the ones that we saw. Later that same day while hanging out in Fairhope at the Orange Street Pier we saw a string of about 10 pods of dolphins running north to south about 20 yards off of the pier. Each pod had 4 to 10 Dolphins in them.They were surfacing and jumping out of the was an incredible sight to see and was the icing on the cake of another wonderful adventure in the Mobile Bay..

Thank you for coming with me and I wll be looking forward to our next trip together.

I will see you then...........


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