Friday, July 06, 2007

6-25-07 Trying out a new Kayak

6-25-07 Trying out a new Kayak

I have really wanted to have my own kayak but i have been concerned about the weight of the boat because of my wrist... so I decided to try out a lightweight boat today.. It is a Featherlight 9.5 by Heritage Kayaks.

I picked up the boat from Fairhope Boat Company and headed down to the Fairhope City Pier... This boat really lives up to it's name .. it is really Featherlight.. It weighs only 36 lbs. Anyway, I put in just North of the pier and headed out into the bay. I went out about 1/2 mile and turned North. The boat tracks really well and was easy for me to paddle. I paddled to Fly Creek and then returned to the Fairhope Pier...

I really did like this boat so when I returned the rental I ordered one of my very own... I just couldn't help myself... I got a Mango one and I am looking forward to taking it out in a few weeks when it arrives.. It was a good day on the water... My body and my spirit was refreshed.. and as always it was yet another adventure. Thanks for coming along... I'll see you next time.......


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