Saturday, July 21, 2007

7-20-07 dolphins in the Bay

The last few days I have seen dozens of pods of dolphins all around the Fairhope area of the bay. They have been within 25 yards of shore. I was told that the mullets were everywhere and the dolphins have come in after the mullets... that's cool... anyway... Today was my first opportunity all week to go out paddling so I had to get out there and see if i could "run into" a few of my dorsal finned friends.
I went down to Blind Dog Mikes and got the little 11 foot Loon in the creek and headed towards the bay. I moved out into the bay and headed out towards the artificial reef. I made it out about 1/2 mile when all of a sudden I was surounded by about 15 to 20 dolphins... they were everywhere.........WOW.... It was amazing..
They were all around and were moving south so I just got into their trail and went with them...
This time they didn't come against the boat and play like the last time...( they had mullet on the brain )... but they allowed me to go with them for about a half on hour... there was one baby that wanted to come and see what I was, but everytime it got within 6 feet of me.. mama came along and got between us and moved it a bit away.... I have to say that this was one of the most amazing adventures yet.. to be allowed to go "fishing" with "the family" was absolutely beyond any words... I hope to see them again sometime...

Glad you came along with me... I'll be looking forward to the next time....


Anonymous Biffle French said...

I'm a paddler who lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest where I kayak most of the year in 600 foot deep, cold salt water. I just published a fun little book on kayaking in this area called "Paddling the Waters of Vashon Island," which I am trying to publicize.

I have a regular blog about kayaking Vashon which is located at, and I would like to ask you to add my site to your list of kayak blogger links. There are some nice photos, and what I see when I paddle up here is very different from what you see paddling where you are.

I'm putting together a links section for my blog and if you’d like me to, I'll add your blog to my list.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Big Blue Frog said...

I think it's the lack of fresh water, due to the drought, that has so many dolphins coming into the Bay. I know that sharks have been reported farther up in the Delta than before.

11:52 AM  

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