Monday, February 25, 2008

2-4-08 Jacob and Anna's First time out

Today was a bit windy , but still a good day to put the boat in the water... I didn't have a lot of time so I just put in at the Fairhope pier and did about four laps to the end of the park and back. I guess that would be about 2 miles. As I was coming back to take the kayak out of the water to head home, my friend Amy and her two kids Jacob and Anna came down to the beach waving at me. They had been having a picnic and saw me in the bay. After a few minutes of talking I simply asked Jacob if he knew how to swim... He said YES... and so I just said well , come onboard and we'll take a little ride. So off we went.

I carried him out to the first marker. (about a 1/8th of a mile) and then raced back towards the shore as fast as I could so that he would get a little spray from the waves... He loved it !! ..

After we got back I asked Anna if she wanted a ride.... Man she jumped in so fast !! She was ready.. So I did the same trip with Anna on board.

Funny how every day can be an adventure , and those adventures can just come out of no where. This was a day that was just going to be some laps... a boring workout and then it turned into a magical adventure for Jacob, Anna, and myself... I think that perhaps it was a nerve wracking adventure for Amy.... but an adventure non the less.....

Glad you guys could come along.....
till next time........


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