Thursday, December 13, 2007

12-13-07 A New Boat

Today was an excellent adventure. I put my new Heritage Featherlite in the water for the first time.... This boat is really light and short (9.5 ft.) but it tracks really well and paddles quite easily. My wrist is healed as best at it will be and so I needed a lightweight boat.. I believe this one will do the trick.

I put in at the Fairhope City Pier Beach. The sun was shining and the bay was pretty smooth...just a little chop...At 75 degrees it was a perfect day for a paddle. I took the boat out about 1/2 mile and then turned south.

I paddled past the Fairhope Pier and went 1 mile to the Orange Street Pier. I then turned back north and brought the boat back to the Beach Park..

All in all it was about a 3 mile paddle. I know it doesn't sound that exciting ...but the exciting part is that since my incident with the shattered wrist I have just been borrowing a boat when I that I have my own....... get ready for a lot of new adventures... I am anxious to see all of the places this little boat will carry me and all of the adventures to come.... i hope you will come along...
Till next time just remember......... "Life is Good"