Tuesday, August 23, 2005

8-18-05 Haze - Fog - And Birds

I decided to go out this morning between thunderstorms. It cleared up just a bit so I thought I would go out to the P. Grey Cane Jr. Artificial Reef. I left out of Bailey's Creek ( no Alligator...again...I did see him the other day but I didn't have my camera, so I didn't write about it...maybe next time). As I left the creek I was amazed at the number of Seagulls and Pelicans over the water.

It was high tide and the water was perfectly smooth with a slight haze. I noticed a fog rolling in from the west, but I set out towards the reef anyway which was one mile west of Bailey's Creek.
It was very eerie paddling along through the fog and haze with what seemed like a million sea birds all around. As I paddled I kept my eye on my compass and stayed in a westerly direction and I soon came up on the Reef.

I turned North and began the trek to Great Point Clear and the Grand Hotel. But as I came within a mile of the point I began to get concerned about the fog and finding my way back.
( I was worried I would find myself in the fog without the "foggiest" idea how to make it back to the creek. Clicking my heels together in my Kayak saying "...there's no place like home....." LOL )
So I turned back toward the shoreline and then South to Bailey's Creek and Blind Dog Mike's House. Before I turned back I did get a couple of good shots of pelicans flying in the fog.

I'll have to say that the haze and the fog made for some beautiful colors on the water, and the number of seabirds was spectacular. It was truly another great adventure.
Thanks for coming along. Hope you can make next time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

8-6-05 Tracy's First Kayak Trip

This was a perfect day for going out on the Mobile Bay. My friend, Tracy, had never been in a Kayak so I rented a Pungo 140 from my good friends at Fairhope Boat Company. I went out in the Pungo and Tracy used the Old Town Loon. We left out of Bailey's Creek , again no gator...(Tracy said that she was very glad of that), and went out into the Bay.

left: a pic of me in the Pungo on Bailey's CreeK . right: My friend, Tracy, On the Mobile Bay )

The water was very calm with just a few small waves. There was about a 5 knot wind out of the North. The temp. was very comfortable. We started North towards the Grand at Great point Clear. I didn't think that we would get quite that far, since it was her first time out, however, We made it all the way to Zundels (about halfway) and then turned west and paddled out about a mile from the eastern shore. Then we took a very leisurely trip back south. A lot of the time we just let the currents carry us and just enjoyed being out on the water. When we were due east of Bailey's Creek we made our way back to East and into the creek. I figure we traveled about 5 miles which was very good for Tracy's First Adventure. We were out on the bay for about 2 1/2 hours. Tracy had a blast...as did I. Thank you for coming along with us on this trip. I am already looking forward to the next one...hope you will come along with us next time. Have a blessed day, and don't forget to look for the adventures all around you.
"Life...the greatest adventure you will ever be on." - - unknown

( two more pics of Tracy out in the Old Town Loon Kayak on the Mobile Bay.)